Systems Skills

Languages: Java, C/C++, Python, HTML/CSS/JS (React, Node), PHP, assembly, and SQL

Programs: Android Studio, Git, Vim/Emacs, MATLAB, Adobe Premiere & Aftereffects, OriginLab, VESTA, and vasp

Hardware: STM SensorTile, Verilog, NI myDAQ, Arduino Uno, waveform generators, oscilloscopes, and soldering

Independent Projects

Interactive game and genome parser in C++ with low complexity

Client-server application with login, restricted pages, and e-mail processing via Express.js

Tower collapse simulator in Unity, compatible on mobile devices

Filter designs using MATLAB for decoding monkey hand movements from neural activity

Physics tutorials (e.g. Maxwell's Equations) using Adobe Premiere & Aftereffects for video editing

Multi-page application on Android Studio with e-mail sending, Google Maps, and SQL modification capabilities

Portable Arduino system for inexpensively measuring particulate matter (tested at 25 sites)

STM SensorTile for character detection, printing alphabetical letters based on acceleration and rotation

Arduino system capable of creating a two-dimensional acoustic map through omnidirectional speakers and a microphone

Curved path-following Arduino vehicle, with an infrared transmitter-receiver adjusting motor speeds


Institute for Transportation Engineers

Unmanned Aerial Systems, DevOps and Vision teams

Association for Computing Machinery

Startup UCLA

Fun Stuff

A few hobbies: photography, architecture, travel, and bouncing on my trampoline.

I earned a black belt in karate.

My first time in a debate tournament established me as a near-bottom candidate for state qualification. Two months later, I qualified (but couldn’t attend due to paperwork issues).

I prefer poetry over prose.

Les Miserábles, unabridged, still remains my favorite novel to this day.

Of approximately 150,000 students, I was one of 369 to earn a perfect score on the AMC 8 in 2013. That same year, I served as a captain in the state MathCounts tournament after representing my school’s team for a third year.

Four years ago, I would have planned to major in mathematics. Two years ago, I would have planned to major in physics. Now? Neither.

Study abroad programs are something I am considering in either my junior or senior year.

What is Pullman? It sounds sophisticated… (inside joke)